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One of the best ways to restore your smile is through dental implants. Dental implants can replace one tooth or several teeth, depending on your needs. If you are looking for a lasting, durable solution for your smile, call today to schedule a consultation for dental implants. We can examine your smile, go over your treatment options and answer any questions you may have. If you are in need of dental implants in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you can trust our team with your smile!

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a three-part tooth restoration that replaces both the natural tooth and the tooth’s root. Implants are placed directly into the jaw and can stand alone. The three parts, the post, abutment and dental crown, work together to provide a durable and lasting tooth replacement that blends in naturally with your smile. 

The Benefits of Implants

Implants are one of the best tooth restoration options for several reasons. The first step in the implant process works by forming a root replacement for the tooth. This helps sustain your jaw bone structure and provides a secure foundation for the implant. Dental implants can stand alone and do not rely on surrounding teeth for support. The final step of treatment, the dental crown, is color-matched to surrounding teeth and custom-made to blend in naturally with your smile. Implants can last a lifetime with proper upkeep! Our team works by an “Implant 1-2-3 System.’ This means that our patients are able to have their dental crown placed by their 3rd visit! With dental implants, you can receive a tooth restoration that is made to last and functions like a natural tooth. 

What Affects the Cost of Implants

There are several factors involved in the total cost of dental implant placement. There are many steps in the implant process that can vary depending on your needs:

  • Exams/office visits
  • Tooth/root extraction
  • Bone grafting
  • Placement of the titanium root (the “dental implant”)
  • Placement of the crown
  • X-rays, pre/post-operative care

By scheduling an implant consultation, our team can put together a personalized plan that will help you understand all costs involved with your implant placement. Once your plan has been made, our finance team can work with you to find the best payment plan depending on your budget. 

Bone Grafting Prior to Implant Surgery 

If you do not have sufficient jaw bone to support a dental implant, treatment is necessary before your implant can be placed. Bone grafting can be performed to prep the jaw and add support for the dental implant. Your dentist can take x-rays and determine if bone grafting will be necessary for dental implant placement. 

Single Tooth Replacement

Implants are excellent options for replacing individual missing teeth. As long as you have proper bone volume within your jaw, an implant can directly replace a missing tooth without affecting surrounding teeth, as a traditional dental bridge does. We can help restore your smile with implants no matter which tooth you are missing! 

Implant-Supported Bridge

Replacing a section of teeth that are missing can be achieved with an implant-supported bridge. A bridge is recommended when a section of teeth are missing, but other teeth still remain. This bridge can be custom-made for your smile. Implant-supported bridges are more secure than traditional bridges because they do not rely on surrounding teeth for support. A set of teeth can be placed and secured after placing just a few dental implants across the jawline. Depending on how many teeth are missing, our oral surgeons can create a custom plan for your implant-supported bridge.

Implant-Supported Dentures 

If you are interested in replacing all of your teeth on your upper or lower jaw, implant-supported dentures offer a solution that is both secure and permanent. By strategically placing implants across the jawline, an entire set of teeth can be placed without needing to place an implant for each tooth. Often, we can secure a denture prosthesis with as few as four implants! Implant-supported dentures can benefit you by giving you a lasting solution that does not require much maintenance and stays permanently in place. Periodic visits can help you upkeep your implant-supported dentures and perform maintenance when needed.