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When preparing for oral surgery, education plays a very important role in ensuring a successful surgical recovery. While patients will receive some personalized guidance and information from their surgeon prior to the procedure, it is also important for patients to seek out additional resources that can help them learn more about what to expect. Going into the procedural process with a clear understanding of the steps involved can help reduce stress and anxiety and promote a more positive surgical experience overall.

In the spirit of helping you prepare for your upcoming oral surgery, we have put together a series of short educational videos. These videos touch on various aspects of the surgical experience—explaining the goal of the surgery, risk factors, and pain management methods. In addition, we have provided a resource to help guide patient escorts in their role following surgery. We hope that these videos will provide you with a helpful resource as you navigate your way through the surgical process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Implant Surgery

Exposure and Bond Surgery

Patient Escort Instructions